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Website of the Week: Same Shih Tzu Different Day

I feel very excited to have found Same Shih Tzu Different Day and even more excited to share this blog with you.

The Shih Tzu Sisters recently started following me on Twitter. Their bio included a link to a blog with an interesting name so I checked it out.

I wasn’t quite sure what the blog was about but I spotted the words ‘puppy mill’ and figured that the sisters’ person was writing a blog about these three Shih Tzu doggehs that were rescued from a puppy mill.

The blog is super well written and has lots of photos charting the progress of Dottie, Candy and Flower – three Shih Tzu girl dogs who were about to be ‘eliminated’ until a kind soul rescued them from their death.

The blog is written by Di Freeze who is a freelance writer.

When doggehs are in bad places like puppy mills they can become super scared of persons. Doggehs in puppy mills don’t get any loves. They’re just there to make baby dogs.

I’ve never read a blog like Same Shih Tzu Different Day. I think this is a very important website which is why I’m making it my website of the week.

I couldn’t help thinking that these girls look just like me. I could be their sister. Please read about their amazing journey on Same Shih Tzu Different Day.

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  1. What a great website to highlight. I have gone back to the beginning of it in June to get the story. You are right, it’s very well written and reads like a good story. Thanks for sharing this Sadie.

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