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Website of the Week: Pretty Fluffy

Website of the Week is back!

It’s been on a bit of a holiday but I have lots of lovely websites up my furry sleeve to share with you beginning this week with Pretty Fluffy.

This is one of my very favourite websites. It’s SO pretty.

Pretty Fluffy is run by the beautiful Mrs Serena. She says she created the site as a ‘… go to guide for the modern dog owner.’ And look, she even has foods!

I love what she says on her about page: Whether you’re after the prettiest products, coolest celebrity pooches, fun DIY projects or the cutest puppy pictures, I’ve got you covered. My motto? There is nothing in life a fluffy dog can’t fix.

I second that!

Mrs Serena even has a Daily Fluffy – a very cute dog photo. And I’m lucky enough to have been one of them.

So head over to Pretty Fluffy for your dose of flufftasticness.

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