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Website of the Week: Cuppy the Shih Tzu

Cuppy is a very cute Shih Tzu girl with a Tumblr blog.

Her person posts lots of photos of Cuppy. We got as far as page 19 when we were looking through all the cutetastic pics!

Cuppy seems like a doggeh after my own heart. She likes sleeping, biting fingers and eating shoes.

We liked Cuppy’s cute photos a lot.

Here’s a few of my favourite pics.

Check out Cuppy the Shih Tzu on Tumblr.


  1. Hi Sadie!!! Cuppy says thanks for the shout out! Even though we didn’t see it til now!!

  2. I’m telling you, everyone likes to eat shoes; I think they should start serving them in restaurants, Shoe-ala-mode, Shoe Casserole, Shoe burgers.

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