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Wanted: your website suggestions and big love

Oh dears.

I’ve been looking online this weekend and this afternoon for cool doggeh websites. Blogs and other stuffs.

I’ve seen a lot of websites.

And a lot of them are terribles.

Why do so many doggeh websites use the same silly font that makes me want to say (if I could actually speak) ‘Der! I’m a doofus.’

I’ve bookmarked some nice doggeh websites that I will show in you over the coming weeks in my new weekly series: Website of the Week. But I want you to be involved and make suggestions.

I want you to submit your favourite websites. Just click on this pink thingie up there at the top of this post and email me a message about the ones you like lots.

It has to be doggeh related somehow. It has to be special. Cute photos of your doggeh isn’t enough. It should have a unique design or amazing photography stuffs. Something to make me marvel at such greatness and do a little woof noise.

Face licks to you.

Now start thinking about the websites you love and send me an email. Fank you!