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  1. There’s no way I’m SHOVELLING snow! I’ll stick to playing in it:-)

  2. Wez got snow and I ain’t shovelling it.I’m playing in it, writing’z my name in it and pooing’z in it..I love’z it..It will’zprobable’z be melted by tomorrow’z:( Hay my buddie..I neffer new people just’z read email’z..not go to de post and see’z the picture’z..Youz just’z wait..I’mz gonna have to check diz out, who’z ben cheating’z. I go to de post, so I’z can see everyfing.Hummmmmmm. xx00xx

    Hi it’s me Fenris from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs and my girlfriend Sagira from Sagira’s Agility Adventures

  3. Hmmm that’s pretty cool but I don’t think I’m going to offer to help shovelling snow at our house! Mummy and daddy have got that job perfected and mum even thinks it’s fun. Weird or what!! I think us girls should just recline on soft chairs and snoopervise.

    • I totally agree Teagan. I think you’re very lucky that your person likes shoveling. My person says, ‘Can you get her to send some of that our way?’

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