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Holidays: My Christmas party adventure

I went to a ‘tree-trimming’ Christmas party yesterday at Sophie Shih Tzu’s house.

Christmas decorations red and gold

There was lots going on. Lots of peoples, lots of Christmas decorations, lots of foods, lots of animals.

Sophie spent most of the time chillaxing on a comfy chair in the front room. I tried to play with her but she got mad at me.

Sophie Shih Tzu chillaxing

While she was busy sleeping, one of Sophie’s small persons showed me the present they bought for her. It’s a snazzy new bed. Apparently the bed is for cats but I don’t think that matters. I have NEVER seen a bed like this before.

Super snazzy bed for Sophie Shih Tzu

My Canadian grandma, Mrs Judy did some of the Christmas decoration hanging stuffs while I went to investigate what foods I could eat.

My Canadian grandma

I found some orange stuffs to eat then came back into the front room to see how the Christmas decorating was going. Well this didn’t make my person happy at all. She got super mad at me and kept touching and sniffing my face. Persons, huh!

Sadie Shih Tzu with a mucky face

I settled on to the arm of the sofa which gave me a great view of the top of the fireplace where I spotted a strange animal. My person says it’s a reindeer, whatever that is.

This ‘reindeer’ was a bit scary. It does a funny dance.

Just to embarrass me, my person made this terrible video of me with the reindeer.


  1. Awwwwwww how adorable. My shih tzu enjoys chewing her stuffed reindeer. Haha. Merry Christmas!

  2. Loved your account of your Tree Trimming Party adventures, Sadie! I understand you must have eaten a whole lot of “orange stuffs” at the party, so they must have tasted really, really yummy, yes? Have your ears gotten longer, by any chance?

    Enjoyed seeing you again, sweetheart.

    Your Canadian Grandma,Mrs. Judy

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