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Love stuffs: Helping anipals this holiday season

In my family we don’t buy presents for everyones at Christmas.

We have a thingie where you buy for one person in the family and you get a different person every year – I should add that I am NOT included in the present buying. Clearly this needs to change. I am a doggeh. I have rights. AND I like bully sticks (in case any of my family persons are reading this).

Last year my person asked for a donation to be made to a charity which helps small persons in poor countries. The donation paid for a small girl person to have education for one year.

This year my person is going to ask for monies to go to the Winnipeg Humane Society. They have a gift-giving catalogue.

Just after my person had decided that’s what she would do, I got an email from a nice lady who works for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

She wanted to know if I would write about their own gift-giving catalogue called Really Wild Gifts.

We really like the idea of giving money to help animals (if you can afford it) and it’s super duper cool when you know what your donation is actually buying.

With Really Wild Gifts, we can help WSPA provide help such as veterinary care, food, shelter or vaccinations. I’m hoping it can buy snuggles for anipals too.

Our money is put towards local and international projects organized by WSPA such as building nice sanctuaries; providing food, water, shelter and veterinary care; delivering aid after disasters; and promoting awareness to end cruelty and improve welfare for anipals around the world.

WSPA is a charitable organization so they’ll give you a tax receipt for your donation.

My person says she wants to buy a Really Wild Gift next Christmas. You can save a bear, or a doggeh, a pig or a whale … the list (thankfully) goes on. The WSPA helps all kinds of anipals.

And if you work with lots of persons who like anipals or all the persons in your family like anipals, you can put all your monies together and make a group donation and buy something like the cost of operating a mobile veterinary clinic in an Asian country for one year. Woo hoo!

The Really Wild Gifts catalogue thingie has gifts that are super cheap if you don’t have lots of monies (starting at $20 and going up to $100. Group donations are more).

My person says she doesn’t need presents at Christmas and that lots of us have so much stuffs, we don’t need to buy more (and anyway, I usually eat the stuffs my persons buy. Shoes are super good. I also like headphones). She thinks it’s a better idea to give money to help anipals who are hurt or don’t have proper persons to care for them. That makes the world a better place.

If you would like to help neuter a doggeh, vaccinate 20 doggehs living in a First Nations community in Canada or help train a vet in a poor country, please head over to Really Wild Gifts. You’ll make some anipals very happys.