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Celebrating the Pretty Fluffy website relaunch

Yey for one of my favourite pet websites Pretty Fluffy run by the cutetastic and wonderful Serena, Soda, Sarah and Coco Bean (pictured below).


They just did a beautiful redesign of their website and I am swooning.

I received a special card in the mail too – all the way from Australia – with sparkly bits. The card invited me to join in a virtual party for the website relaunch by taking a photo of me with the card.

Here you go Pretty Fluffy team! Congratulations on your lovely new website.



  1. Liz & Sadie – you two are the sweetest pair! Thank you so very much for the support, we are so happy you are enjoying it the new site!!

    Sarah xoxo

    • Thank you, thank you. We love you too!

  2. Sadie! You are just too adorable! Thank you so much for all your support – it means so much to us. Sending you lots of love and licks xxx

    • We’re super happy to support you and your team. Butt sniffs to Soda :)

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