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Video: My person gives a presentation about me at PechaKucha night

A little while ago my person was invited to present at a PechaKucha night in Winnipeg (Wikipedia says it’s pronounced “pe-chak-cha.” In English it means chit-chat.).

The format of the evening is to present 20 slides about any subject you like and you get 20 seconds to talk about each slide.

What subject did my person choose? Me, of course.

PechaKucha started as a way for designer peoples to talk about their works and the Winnipeg stuffs is organised by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

Some very nice and clever peoples called James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot made a video of my person presenting and let me post it here on my blog.

Warning: video contains strong language (not for childrens)

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  1. Excellant Liz, very amusing :-) and great to meet you, even if it is on youtube. Sounds like Sadie has a great mum!

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