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More cute Twitter backgrounds for cats and dogs (and monkeys)

Dear visitor – did you know I’m on Twitter and you can follow me (cos I’m a dog and I’m cute)?

UPDATE: This website is my new favourite place for cute Twitter backgrounds. They have peacock feathers and cherry blossoms, hearts, flowers, vintage designs and more. Super cools. I also really like these persons.

Here’s two of my favourites.

A long time ago I wrote about cute cat and dog Twitter backgrounds.

You liked that post lots. So I thought I’d find some more cutes Twitter backgrounds for you.

These backgrounds are all free. Some feature cats, some feature dogs and some are just cute!

Profile Brand

These peoples have lots of nice backgrounds with doggeh themes. This one is called Cinnamoroll. Cute!

Tweak My Twitter

Tweak My Twitter only has this background but it’s pretty cool cos it has bones all over it. I like bones. Yum!

Sweet Tweet

These peoples have lots of super cutes backgrounds but I had to choose one to show you. This one is the Vintage Dog background.

Cute Twitter

Cute Twitter lives up to its name. There are a bunch of cutie patootie backgrounds to choose from.

Cute Twitter Backgrounds

I know. This isn’t a doggeh or a kitteh. But it’s cute. I’m sure there are birds on Twitter.

Twitter Layoutz

I have no idea what animal this is. It looks like a flower with eyes. Twitter Layoutz have a small collection of cute backgrounds.

Profile Brand

Profile Brand has this super cutes Hello Kitty background plus a bunch more.

Snoogle Zoo

This is a desktop wallpaper. You don’t have to just use Twitter backgrounds. Search Google for cute wallpapers too. Snoogle Zoo has a small collection of very cute wallpapers.

Valens Vanity Square

Are there monkeys on Twitter?


  1. lol i was a daily fluffy

  2. I like the dog backgrounds there so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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