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iTrixie’s 10 tips for anipals on Twitter

You remember that post I wrote a while ago about the crazy number of peoples and anipals following me on Twitter?

In honour of my achievements as a little Shih Tzu on Twitter I asked my Twitter mentor, and doggeh pal, iTrixie to write some words to help other anipals on Twitter. And here are those words …

The beautiful and talented doggeh iTrixie

I am thrilled that my little buddy Sadie has asked me to be a guest blogger on her woofsite to celebrate her reaching 1,000 followers! She’s already well past that many and rightly so: Sadie is a really cute and fun Shih Tzu, and one of my favorite anipals to tweet with. I don’t know why she wants me to write Twitter tips since she is THE social media puppy, but I’m honored she asked me, so I will do my best.

1) BE YOURSELF. Don’t let your person, staff and/or typist inject their personality into your tweets. If you can’t type or use the twitterbox yourself, make sure they type your tweets *exactly* as you dictate them.

2) FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Twitter always asks “What are you doing?” since that’s what your followers want to know about, but some anipals (and especially some persons) forget this sometimes and tweet about all kinds of other dumb stuff that nobody cares about. The proper way to answer “What are you doing?” is to talk about playing, napping, going walkies, eating, pooping, or whatever else you’re doing.

3) DON’T WORRY ABOUT NUMBERS. Some persons are obsessed with follow/follower numbers but anipals can’t count very high and shouldn’t worry about trying to. Fun or interesting tweets will get you followers who want to hear what you have to say, whether it’s two or two million, and that’s all that matters.

4) INTERACT APPROPRIATELY. This is easier for anipals than persons, since persons do things just to be polite sometimes. Think of Twitter like a big global dog park: sniff who you want to sniff and play with who you want to play with. Anipals don’t have to worry much about manners (other than remembering you shouldn’t growl at someone for no reason, of course).

5) BE FRIENDLY. Again like a dog park, you don’t have to go out of your way to play with someone who doesn’t smell right, but it never hurts to be properly socialized and give someone a chance. For instance, a big guard dog might seem mean but that’s just doing their job really – if you be nice to them and don’t try to steal their kibbles, chances are they’ll be nice back and voila! You’ve got a new friend.

6) DON’T BE SPECIST. While it’s okay to only follow dogs or cats or whatever you are, you will find that many species you wouldn’t normally associate with can be great anipals to have online. You can have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

7) TELL ABOUT LINKS. It’s always fun to see pics of your furriends and find new woofsites, but when you share them, add a little explain of what the link’s about when you tweet one. For instance, say something like “Here’s a video of me learning to swim” with the link: your followers will click on that (I know I would!) when they might not click on just a link all by itself.

8) DON’T BEG. If you want dollars or clicks or attention, ask appropriately. And don’t keep doing it.

9) SHARE EXPERIENCES. You & your person can ask for or offer advice about foods, training, traveling, toys, problems, illness or accidents, find out about breeds or species, and learn all kinds of things about you with Twitter. As an example, I found out that @BelleBean, a papillon Twitterpal of mine, is actually my sister! We are two years apart but we had the same mom & dad.. isn’t that cool? I hope to meet her nose-to-nose one day.

10) HAVE FUN. You probably already have a job – whether it’s guarding your house, winning agilities contests, or being cute. Being a Twittering anipal is not a job – it’s a way to talk to other anipals you normally wouldn’t meet, and it’s just good fun.

About iTrixie

I’m a little papillon doggie and I’m halfway between one and two years old. I live in California and I like walkies, sniffing, playing chase, chewing Bully Sticks, killing toys, tweeting with my anipals, and napping. You can follow me at @pappup and find out more about me and about papillons at my woofsite


  1. I am really really happy to report an update to the “about me” section here: not long ago I actually DID meet my sister @BelleBean nose-to-nose! It was so fun to finally sniff her in person – she is supercute and as friendly as she seems on twitter :>

  2. I am really really happy to report an update to the “about me” section here: not long ago I actually DID meet my sister @BelleBean nose-to-nose! It was so fun to finally sniff her in person – she is supercute and as friendly as she seems on twitter :>

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