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Fun stuffs: Even MORE cutetastic backgrounds for websites and Twitter!

Wow you peoples love your cute Twitter backgrounds.

And because I know you’re hungry for them, it makes me want to give you more, the kind puppy that I am.

In 2010 the most popular posts on my bloggeh were about cute Twitter backgrounds.

Recently my person was making a background for my bloggeh (we ended up using a stripe generator) and she came across more cute patterns that we thought you’d like to see.

Maybe you love one so much you’ll use it on your Twitters or website. These patterns are all best used as a tile. In Twitter you just need to check off the ’tile background’ box in the design bit of your profile. Don’t ask me how to do it. My person does all that stuffs. I’m just a doggeh with a keyboard.

Click on any of the patterns below to visit the original site where you can download the cute picture from (apart from the first one. My person can’t remember where we got it from so you’ll have to right click with your mouse and save it from here.)

You should check out this super cools website called WebTreats – they don’t have foods but they do have lots of cute backgrounds and nice stuffs.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing :D

  2. you should have cupcakes too

  3. pretty ! congratulations for the blog ! <3

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