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Tissues and trails

It seems I’ve developed a new fetish. Or maybe it was always there but never found a way out.


Clean or used. I have no preference.

And just like socks I can magic a tissue out of nowhere. Call it my special talent.

I was very fortunate recently to rescue a sock and take outside into the garden. Well wouldn’t you know it, I used the same method to get a tissue outside and have some tissue alone time.

Having failed to catch me with the garden tissue the first time, my person forgot the tissue was outside so I had another visit with it. And another. I managed to rip it into bits and scatter them around the garden for special secret visits.

And the best thing of all? The tissue is white so it’s nicely camouflaged against the snow stuff.

I’ve carefully scattered the tissue parts along my intricate garden snow trails. My person watches me as I motor around the trails like a car on a Scalextric track.

My person was lucky enough to catch me with the tissue outside for this portrait of me and my tissue.