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Playing with my frosty balls

We get lots of snows where I live.

Sometimes that means I don’t get to go outside. But I have a nice big window that I like to look through. Check out what’s going on the world.

All the snows can cause other problems for doggehs.

I like playing fetch. A lot.

Because of all the snows, there are lots of balls buried in the garden. I try super hard to find them all but I don’t always manage. And my person has to keep getting new ones. Recently I was playing with a yellow tennis ball but it’s hard to see it in the white snows.

Sometimes I get to play with the ball inside too. But this usually involves taunting by small peoples.

My person got me new colourful balls that show up better in the snows …

Woo hoo!

These are much easier to see.

Even when they’re covered in frosty bits.

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  1. you're just too cute…*nosekiss*
    I got some tennis balls and play soccer with mom sometimes. *woof*

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