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Me against the pink flamingo

A nice man from UPS arrived at the door today to drop off my new toy – a Skinneeez pink flamingo. It’s a stuffing-free doggeh toy.

My person was interested to see how long it would be before I broke the toy.

I’ve posted a video of me squeeking the flamingo and can confirm that I have officially broken the squeek in the flamingo’s head after about 20 minutes of playing with it. I’m sucking and chewing the head with the broken squeek cos it tastes nice.

I’ve managed to make a hole in its head and am trying to get to the plastic squeeky thing that doesn’t squeek anymore because I broke it.

My person has now removed the flamingo cos I’m almost breaking through to the plastic.

Sadie Shih Tzu = 1

Pink flamingo = 0

Luckily there is another squeek in its bum.