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Fun stuffs: Visitors from England play with me (and I get an orange face)

Mr Rob and Miss Angela from England came to visit last week.

They are the best friends of my person.

They stayed in a nice hotel downtown but spent lots of time at my house.

They played with me and cooked food which smelled nice.

I liked them.

Here I am giving Miss Angela a paw.

And here I am kissing Mr Rob. Actually I think I was licking lasagna off his face.

I spent a very long time watching Mr Rob and Miss Angela cook the lasagna.

This is me on my man person’s lap after I got to lick a plate which had lasagna on it. It gave me an orange face (it looks kind of neon yellow here). It was deeeelicious.

And then I played with Mr Rob some more.

It was to thank him for cooking such yummy food. Even if I didn’t really get to eat any of it.

Thanks for hanging out with me Mr Rob and Miss Angela. You can come again.

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  1. I love having visitors here too. I always have so much fun and get to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I’m glad they let you sample that lasagna…nom nom.  

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