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Adventure stuffs: Super Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday I went on an adventure to Beausejour, Manitoba which is about an hour away from where I live.

I hung out with three cats, two dogs and lots of people.

My person was only interested in watching Madonna’s half-time show and I was only interested in chasing cats up trees and eating.

The house I went to has a home-made ice rink in the front garden. Before the Super Bowl, the people and dogs ran around on the ice. I was too busy sniffing about to bother with that stuff.

Here I am (below) with Ella dog. The ice rink is behind us. It wasn’t very icy looking but the people were able to skate around and play hockey.

If you look very carefully at this photo (below) you’ll spot a small person skating. And that’s Ella again, getting in the way. She kept running off with the puck. I guess they must taste good.

I did lots of exploring and investigating. Sniff, sniff. That kind of stuff.

This is Molly (below). She and I do a lot of butt sniffing (not shown).

Of course the highlight of the day was dinner Madonna doing her half-time show.

Here I am with my person watching Madonna. Actually I didn’t do much watching. More lying and waiting. For food.

Oh. I almost forgot. There were two baby cats and one grown-up cat. I chased the baby cats outside but the grown-up cat just sat in a chair in the living room. I got a quick sniff but decided to stay away cos one of the baby cats tried to scratch me.

What did you do on Super Bowl Sunday?


  1. Oh Sadie, it looks like you had a super fun Superbowl Sunday. Mom and me watched the Puppy Bowl. Did you get to watch? They had a super cute and very gutsy Shih Tzu playing. :-)

    Paw hugs! 

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