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A photo diary: my summer holidays 2010

I just got back from a week at the lake – I go there every year and dig in the sand while my persons chillax.

I had lots of funs as usual.

I met lots of doggies and went on LOTS of walkies – one time I even had four walkies in one day!

I chased a chipmunk and tried to eat a frog.

Here is my holiday photo diary just for you.

First, I helped my person pack.

I packed my own stuffs too.

We got everything ready to put in the car.

Driving in the car. I got to sit in the front. It was pouring with rains the day we left.

It was still raining two hours later when we got to the cottage.

On the first night we went to Grandma and Grandad’s cottage for din dins.

I chillaxed at Grandma’s feet.

The next day I got to go to my very favourite place: the beach! DIGGING TIME.

I went in rock pools.

Sometimes my person got in the way.

All this playing, digging and stuffs made me super tireds.

I was pooped.

I went for lots of walkies.

I walked on the beach.

To impress my man person, I gave a paw.

On our walks we met other doggies.

You’ve heard of a mini-me. Meet the mega-me. This is Paddington. He’s an English Sheepdog.

When I wasn’t going on walkies, digging or sleeping, I just liked hanging out on the beach.

But I kept getting sand up my nose.

On the last day I was totally pooped.

I love holidays.

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  1. That made me smile :) These are some of the cutest pics of Sadie, what a sweetie!

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