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The 12 Days of Cuteness: Day 8 (2010)

Happy New Year persons and anipals! May 2011 be beautifuls for you.

I know a beautifuls doggeh called Millo.

He’s my boyfriend.

Millo is the official spokesdoggeh for Black Baron kingdom apparel. I model stuffs for them sometimes.

His person sent two photos to be included in my 12 Days of Cuteness and although I knew I wanted to feature one of them here I had a hard time deciding which one to choose.

Every photo of Millo is super handsome.

He is jet black with a little white stripe under his chin. He doesn’t have a tail but has a super cutes bum.

Millo is the most handsome doggeh boyfriend a girl doggeh could have.

Black and white photo of Millo a Shih Tzu Yorkie cross dog

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