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The 12 Days of Cuteness: Day 7 (2010)

My person works with another person. They are both called Liz.

The other Liz has two dogs. She recently got Glenn who believes he is a Leonberger. My person says he is the biggest doggeh EVER!

I’ve never met him but the other Liz tells my Liz that Glenn is super nice and likes to sit in laps. He has a sister called Wendy who isn’t his sister really but they get along well.

When the other Liz heard I was having a cutetastic doggeh special called the 12 Days of Cuteness, she sent us this beautiful photo of Glenn taken by their man person, Mr Terry.

Glenn can be a bit naughty sometimes and is very clever at eating things he shouldn’t. Of course, I never do that *looks away.*

Glenn is just a baby doggeh but he’s still very big and handsome and soft.

Glenn - a giant Canadian dog who believes he is a Leonberger

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