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The 12 Days of Cuteness: Day 6 (2010)

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m posting this photo as part of my 12 Days of Cuteness cos I’m scared of Suki dog or anything like that but …

I met Suki dog – who belongs to the owners of Hip Pooch Boutique – on televisions in early December. We were both there to model clothes for Black Baron kingdom apparel.

Suki dog walked the red carpet just before I did but when it came time for my turn, Suki dog wouldn’t move so we had to share the spotlight together.

Then Suki dog tried to but a bitey on me.

Let’s just say Suki dog is A LOT BIGGER THAN ME.

Thank you to Suki’s person Mrs Crystal for sending this photo.

Suki dog from hip pooch looking up at her dad

If you missed any of the special ‘Days’ of cuteness, you can find them all here.

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  1. Suki apologizes for snapping at you-in her old age she seems to be jealous of the young energetic pups! Thanks Sadie for posting this picture of me & my favorite person Pat.

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