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The 12 Days of Cuteness: Day 5 (2011)





These Shih Tzu doggehs have a very special place in my heart.

Featured in the photo above are Candy, Flower and Dottie – three puppy mill rescue doggehs who I’ve come to know very well.

They live with Nigel Shih Tzu who is the doggeh in the photo above that one.

And Candy Shih Tzu is above him. I think I look a bit like Candy so we have a sort of secret bond.

I featured their blog, Same Shih Tzu, Different Day, as a Website of the Week.

The Shih Tzu sisters have also written a guest post for my blog.

Their person, Mrs Di, writes everyday on their blog recording their progress as they try to adjust to daily life after being in a puppy mill.

I think Mrs Di is very brave and wonderful for giving the Shih Tzu sisters and Nigel a forever home.

Check out the 12 Days of Cuteness 2011 gallery to see all the doggehs featured.

If you missed out on submitting your photo and would like to be included in my 12 Days of Cuteness 2012 (a year from now), please email me.

(2012 UPDATE: In case you missed any of the Days or just want an easy place to see them all, here are links to all the Days in one post for your cuteness pleasure.)


  1. This is my fav…this little fur balls are just adorable… 

  2. Oh my dog, aren’t they just the sweetest little doggehs. we just seem ot end up with gret lumping mutts, but totally lovable anyway

  3. Thanks, Miss Sadie! Candy, Flower, Dottie and Nigel are honored to be included. We have enjoyed all the pictures so far and can’t wait to see the other days!

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