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Sleeping through the ages: my sleeping arrangements

Inspired by one of the persons that follow me on Twitter (I only follow anipals) I decided to write something about my sleeping arrangements.

My person has a massive number of photos of me.

Included in that massive number of photos are lots of me sleeping.

Even I have to admit that they’re quite cute.

So if you’re ready for the sleeping arrangement montage, I’ll begin:

Snuggled in mama's lap

On mama's tummy at the beach

Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to be a puppy?

Sometimes I get fed up with peoples and just sleep

When mama don't let me use 'puter this is what happens

I enjoy a creative sleeping pose

This is a great sunny spot for snoozing

Sunshine spot take 2

Conventional bed pose with a difference: on top of the person

Jeeez. That's a long blog post. Time for a nap