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Pug stuffs: Mamma Biscuit is Madonna

I have a new friend who I’ve never met in person but her man persons are super lovelies.

Mamma Biscuit is the coolest pug ever.

For two reasons:

1) She’s a doggeh

2) She loves Madonna

Some of my doggeh readers might not have heard of Madonna. Well, my person’s favourite singing person in the whole wide world is Madonna. She went to see her once during the Blonde Ambition tour.

Put the two together (dog / Madonna) and you have pure magic. At least that’s what my person says.

Anyway, this is long story to tell you all about Mamma and her supercoolfabulous Halloween outfit.

What a brazen doggeh. Mamma Biscuit dressed up as Madonna.

But this wasn’t a Blonde Ambition. It was a Fawn Ambition.


Doggehs: prepare yourselves. Check out the microphone!

And the best thing of all? One of her man persons is SO CLEVER he made this stuffs himself. I think he deserves a universal face lick.

All together now doggehs …

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  1. AWWW Thank you Sadie for the lovely shout out! Our little Fawn Ambition needs a back up vocalist ASAP want to join? Donna Delory has just quit!!
    Pug hugs and kisses to you!
    The Biscuits

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