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Photos: My Breakfast Television Winnipeg adventure

Todays I went on the Breakfast Television Winnipeg show. I was there with my boyfriend, Millo, and his person Mrs Rebecca AND lots of other doggehs.

We were modelling stuffs by Black Baron kingdom apparel – the company owned by Mrs Rebecca. They make clothes for doggehs from person clothes. It’s called recycling.

Here I am on the red carpet (from Breakfast Television Winnipeg‘s website).

Sadie Shih Tzu on the red carpet on Breakfast Television

I had to walk down the carpet and look into the camera but the doggeh who was modelling before me wouldn’t move so I had to share the spotlight with Suki the Bulldog (pictured below).

Suki on Breakfast Television on the red carpet

As you can see, Suki is pretty tough looking so I didn’t want mess with her. I don’t think she liked me being there cos she tried to put a bitey on me. Gulp. Suki belongs to the persons who run Hip Pooch – a doggeh store in Winnipeg

While we were walking down the red carpet, Mrs Rebecca was talking to Mrs Pay Chen – the televisions presenter. In this photo below you can also see Mrs Heather in the green coat who runs a Winnipeg doggeh walking company called Pudgy Dog. She’s a nice lady. And on the TV screen in the background you can see Millo, my BF.

Rebecca Sandulak and Pudgy Dog on Breakfast Television

Afterwards Mrs Rebecca wanted her photo taken with me so my person took this picture of us cuddling together.

Sadie Shih Tzu and Rebecca Sandulak

The segment is posted in two parts on the Breakfast Television website.

Watch me here! See the other segment.


  1. Sadie you look gorjus, we like your grey sweater it is very cool xxx

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