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Photo of the Day: Frosty bits

Where I live in Canada it gets very cold in the winters.

The snows usually come around the end of October and by January the temperature can dip as low as minus 40. Sometimes our city is colder than the North Pole – really.

So I’ve come to expect a little frost on my whiskers when I’m playing outside.

I don’t mind the cold weather. I like running around in the snows. But when I go for walkies my person makes me wear a silly sweater to keep me warm.

I know summers only just finished but the snows in our city will be here before we know it. In honour of those snows, I present this Photo of the Day.

This one was taken by a clever photographer lady called Mrs Rebecca. She’s my boyfriend’s mum and her job is as a photo person. She also owns Black Baron Kingdom Apparel which sells recycled clothes for anipals (remember I did some modelling for them?).