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Mega cuteness photo alert

Oh em gee!

I have been SO busy enjoying my sunbeam on the back of the sofa (and the emergence of spring) that I almost forgot to write to you. Forgive me.

When the sun shines I go all funny and need to lie down. In a sunbeam.

Tonight was no exception.

I was hanging out in the basement with my man person (who turned 48 TODAY) and watching hockey. I’m not really a fan but I was humouring him because it was his birthday.

Then I smelled something good and went upstairs to investigate. Well, lo and behold if my person wasn’t cooking kale chips!

I decided to relax in front of the fridge so I could keep an eye on what was happening in the kitchen. Before I knew it, my person had that camera in her hand and here we are.

If I looked a little wide-eyed it’s because the prospect of kale chips was in my future … enjoy, my friends, and happy weekend!






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