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I am a TV super star doggeh!

Today I went on the televisions.

In this photo (from left to right): Little Wenzel doggeh, a very nice lady called Sabrina Skolny, another nice lady called Heather Myers, the nicest lady EVER (my person), me Sadie Shih Tzu, and Tyco and his person.

We were on the televisions modelling clothes from BLACK BARON kingdom apparel (BBka) – that’s the company that my boyfriend Millo and his person run.

They make doggeh and kitteh clothes out of recycled stuffs – mostly used and vintage person clothes. Every thing they make is unique, one of a kind.

Here I am on the catwalk – or dogwalk (courtesy of Breakfast Television Winnipeg).

My person’s boss says I am a doggeh with attitude cos I walked down the carpet straight up to the camera man and woofed into the lens! I was only trying to say ‘Hello’ to my friends. Sometimes peoples don’t understand doggeh language.

And these are some goodies from BLACK BARON kingdom apparel – they’re having a trunk sale tomorrow at Hip Pooch on Corydon in Winnipeg.


  1. Dear Sadie, I just found out about your Breakfast TV adventure and I love the photo of you standing on the red carpet – very cute! It makes your white and black coat look simply smashing, especially with the red collar. I think you should tell your person to buy you your very own red carpet for Christmas, don’t you? Tell her it would match her kitchen and/or the living room rug, yes?

    Love you,
    Grandma Kendle

  2. Fank you Mrs Blanket. I like chasing my tail cos it's all fluffy. And I'm not famous. I'm just a little doggeh from the Prairies :)

  3. Well Sadie, how are dealing with the fame? You look stunning with that cute little oufit on and fluffy tail ;-)

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