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Holidays: Sadie Shih Tzu swimming

I know the summer seems so long ago but I wanted to show you photos of me swimming which my Canadian great grandma just sent me.

I wrote about my summer holiday in August. It was great fun. I got to dig in the sand and do super cool stuffs. Apparently I promised to post more photos but never did. A blogging doggeh can get very busy, you know.



I know my person is holding me in the first photo but I really did swim by myself. For the first time.

I’m not sure how I feel about swimming. It was sort of fun because I got to cool off but I was happy to get out of the water too.

Do you swim?


    • Do you want to know a secret Baxter? I only went in the water to go see my person. I needed to get to her and she was in the lake so I had to go in the lake too. Once I reached her, I climbed on her back but she put me in the water again and made me swim back to shore – with a little help at first. I didn’t like the water. I was miserable. But I was happy when I got on my person’s back.

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