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Halloween stuffs: a sneak peek at my party costume

My person insisted on humiliating me by dressing me up for Halloweens.

Tonight we went to Pet Smart and bought some Halloween stuffs for a party on Saturday.

In the car on the way to Pet Smart my man person said that dressing me up for Halloweens was more fun for him and my person than it is for me. Uh huh.

I got away lightly. My man person wanted to buy the Animal Planet triceratops costume (below). My person wouldn’t allow it. Thank goodness. I’d look ridiculous. And I’d probably end up getting it off my head and eating it.

Instead I will be wearing this (below). It’s a stripped t-shirt with some sort of fluffy stuffs on the bottom (which you can’t see here) and a metallic orange collar with beads.

I still hate it (as soon as my person put it on me for this photo I lay down and refused to move) but at least I won’t be some sort of plastic, horned dinosaur.