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Eats: Bijou dog water and foods bowl

The nice peoples at HautePup sent me their new ceramic water and foods bowl to try out.

They’re very pretty.

This is the water bowl.

Pink Bijou Dog water bowl

And this is the all important foods bowl.

Pink Bijou Dog food bowl

While they’re very pretty and nicely made, they’re a bit small for me. My foods only just fit in the foods bowl. And the water bowl has a sort of narrow entrance. So you need to be very clever at getting your snout in the hole to drink.

[Update: the HautePup peoples say that, “The opening on the water bowl is intentionally small because it keeps the muzzle hair dry and out of the way.” I guess I’m just a piglet. BOL!]

Sadie Shih Tzu drinking from Bijou Dog water bowl

I did my best though and am very grateful to HautePup for sending these to me. As you can see from the photo above the bowl is small compared to me. I think these would make super duper presents for very smalls dogs like Chihuahuas cos they have sort of pointy noses which would fit better in the water bowl.

If you’re a dog that only eats small foods (you need to have words with your person cos that’s not right!) these bowls will be perfect for you. They made me feel like a puppy princess.

You should definitely check out the other stuff that HautePup sells cos it’s super classy.