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Designer doggehs: more crazy dog beds

Earlier this week I wrote about some super crazy pet beds.

While I was researching the story I found so many crazy beds that I thought I should write another story about them.

These beds are supercrazyexpensives. I guess that famous persons buy them.

I love this first one. It’s called a ‘Dog Pod’ and is made by Vurv Design – a Canadian company. I have a feeling the fluffy bits would get up my nose and be all tickly though.

I didn’t make a note about where this bed is from. Oops. It’s a bit fancy.

This is the Hollywood bed. And it’s the one I want. It’s only $1,200 so you could save up and get it for me. Wadda ya say?

I think this next bed is for doggeh’s who like to have sleep-overs.

If your dog does some sort of circus performance, this is the bed for them.