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Designer doggehs: amazing dog beds for the pampered pooch

If you thought you were spoiled, check out these dog beds. Who knew that beds and dog houses could be so crazys?

Me, I just like something soft: pillow, quilt, sweater – sometimes the carpet.

Source: Juicy Dog Couture

We tried to find a place where you can buy the bed above but no luck.

If you do have a spare $1,000 or so you’ll be able to get yourself one of the luxury items from these peoples below. Click on the red logo to visit their website and check out the super cutes opening animation with little dog poops.

You can get a luxury caravan for your doggeh.

Or a bizarre glass house.

We don’t think this one looks very cozy but we could be wrong …

Disclosure: Sadly no-one sent me a designer doggeh bed to review. I did it out of the kindness of my doggeh heart. However, if you are a super duper clever designer person who makes cool beds for pooches, I’d be more than happy to try one out providing it has some soft bits. Hint, hint.

UPDATE: OK peoples and anipals, we just found a gizillion more crazy doggeh beds so I’m gonna write another post about them. You won’t believe what some peoples let their doggehs sleep in.


  1. To begin, you will need to observe how your pet sleeps. This will help you decide on the best bed for your pet.

  2. This are so cute! I kind of like how the glass one would fit well into my home. So well I’d probably trip over it all the time but still… I love that dog beds have become a vessel for creative minds.

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