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The 12 Days of Cuteness: Day 1 (2010)

I was very lucky to be featured in the Huffington Post cutest pets of 2010 slideshow earlier this month.

Looking through the photos of the other doggehs, I realised that there are a heck of a lot of cute pooches in the world.

I know some of you are regular readers here and I wondered if there was a way to share some of that cuteness with you.

I had an idea: ask for as many cute doggeh photos as possible and post them here.

I have called the collection of photos: the 12 Days of Cuteness. Kind of as a celebration of doggeh cuteness over the holidays.

If you sent me a picture: thank you so much for submitting your photos and bringing a smile to lots of peoples. I ended up with over 40 photos.

We begin the 12 Days of Cuteness with this spectacular (just learnt that word) slideshow/gallery. I know you won’t be disappointed with the beautiful doggehs you’ll see. Some of the doggehs sent more than one cute photo. I chose the best. So don’t be surprised if you see the same doggeh a couple of times. You can never have too much cute.

For the next 11 days I’ll feature some of my favourite photos from this slideshow along with one or two of my own cute snaps.

The photos are displayed in a gallery below. It’s a bit fiddly so I’m giving you some instructions.

To view as a slideshow, click the link below which says ‘Show as slideshow.’ The photos will automatically scroll through for your viewing pleasure.

To view the gallery, click on a single image below. Use the arrows under the picture to scroll though. To exit the gallery, click on the image.

And so I present to you some of the cutest doggehs in the world.

Special thanks to: Heather Myers, Jennifer Bond, Chris McIvor and Lisa Nield, Kendyl Lauzon, Crystal Bennett, Larry Bailey, Renee Morin, Carson Samson, Sabrina Skolny, David Forde, Rebecca Sandulak, Nadine M. Rosin, Anna McClung, James O’Connor, Sarolta Arany and everyone else who sent me their photos.

UPDATE: If you missed any of the special ‘Days’ of cuteness, you can find them all here.


  1. How come I didn’t see my picture for the 12 day? :(

    • This is last year’s 12 Days of Cuteness. I sent you two emails with details about your beautiful photos. There are definitely in this year’s gallery. No need to have a sad face :)

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