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Why I’ve been quiet for a while and how to give your dog CPR

I haven’t posted here since the start of September. Partly that’s because I’m a busy doggeh and partly because, sometimes, I prefer chewing my bully stick to writing.

But something very serious and scary happened recently and I haven’t been able to think about blogging at all.

A few weeks ago my Canadian grandperson Mrs Judy had a massive heart attack. She had a 1% chance of survival. She was in intensive care in a coma.

Right now, she’s doing much better. She’s in a regular ward. She’s talking, laughing, reading and living but she’s still in hospital.

On the night it happened, her son did CPR before the medical people arrived. She was without oxygen for 15 minutes. She basically died. But her son’s CPR saved her. The crazy thing is he’d taken his first CPR course two days before.

Well all of this got my persons thinking. They’re all going to a take a CPR course for persons.

And it got me thinking too.

If it hadn’t been for her son’s quick thinking, Mrs Judy wouldn’t be with us now.


Thank you to Carrington College for this infographic.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your Grand person and I’m glad she is feeling better. I had been looking through your blog for over an hour when I found this page and I wanted to say thanks for writing about it. My mum also had a massive heart attack followed by well over 15 minuets without oxygen ( thanks to my dads quick thinking she lived to tell the tale). She was in a coma for two weeks and as a result my whole family now knows correct CPR … But I had not even thought about it for our little ShihTzu Stuart and will now be re-reading this with great care just in case I ever need to know. Thanks, keep up the great blogging Sadie!!!! X Leanne & little Stuart

    • Thank you SO much for your kind words Leanne. And I’m really glad your mum is OK too! Phew. Mrs Judy even made gravy on Christmas Day which was pretty much a small miracle after what she’d been through. I hope you never have to use any of these CPR things on Stuart! Thanks for reading my blog. Take care. xx

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