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Herb’s last resting place (or, I killed my boyfriend)

If you hadn’t heard, my boyfriend died.

Worst of all I killed him.

With my bear teeth. Chomping.

His stuffing came out and wouldn’t stop.

My person dumped him in the trash. She’s not one for sewing apparently and thinks I would just chomp on the stitches. (OK, that’s true but don’t tell HER).


So I needed a little time to absorb my loss before I wrote about it. I’m a little bereft. And I nearly choked to death myself on a piece of rawhide last night which had to be carefully extracted from my throat by my person.

It’s been a difficult few days but I know I’ll be ok.

What I don’t know is if I’ll ever find another Herb.

PS – We deleted Herb’s Twitter account after he died so if you’re wondering where his tweets went you’ll know they’re with him.

In the garbage can.

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