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The many faces of Sadie Shih Tzu

This is kinda crazy.

My person always jokes about my 80s hair which is why she keeps it short now.

Rebellious-in-dire-need-of-hair-cut Sadie

We were looking through our photos and it was quite alarming to see the changes in my hair styles.

See for yourself – these are mostly in chronological (whew! big word for a doggeh) order.

My person says I am like Madonna. Which makes no sense to me cos she’s a person and I’m a doggeh.

A very young Sadie Shih Tzu

Princess Sadie

Cute can-I-eat-you Sadie

Melt-your-heart Sadie

I can see clearly now Sadie

Black and white Sadie

Freshly washed Sadie

Rebellious-in-dire-need-of-hair-cut Sadie


  1. lucy can hardly wait til she feels better and can meet and play with you . maybe in june?lucys mom susan from the glen! 

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