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Reviewing the Canada Pooch rain coat

Some nice lady contacted me a while ago and asked if I would like to review one of their lovely Canada Pooch rain jackets. Being the good doggeh I am, of course I said yes.

Canada-Pooch-rain-jacket logo

I’m wearing the Storm Slicker.

The coat fits perfectly (size 12) and does up with easy velcro under my belly. It also has reflective stuff on the sides along the handy zippie pocket thingies. A good place for storing treats, me thinks!


The main problem I had with the jacket was that I didn’t like moving in it at all. It’s not stiff fabric. It’s very nice rain coat material – unfortunately the label doesn’t say what it’s made from. But I’m weird like that. I prefer to be naked.

The second problem I had was not being able to see when my person put the hood up. It’s perfectly possible that the hood is only for decoration and not meant to be used. If you think this is the jacket for you, don’t expect the hood to be functional.

The great thing about this Canada Pooch jacket is that the hood zips right off bringing instant relief. And sight!

It also has a little slit for your harness clasp between the shoulders.

If you’re looking for a cute rain coat, this is a great option. And I really like that pockets are real pockets. But if you don’t like getting a wet head, don’t get this.



  1. Sadie, you look fantastic in this chic red rain coat! Mamma Biscuit is in the market for a new slicker and this just might be the one! I’ll have to check out the link your provided but thank you for such an informative review and for modeling that coat with such style and grace—even if that hood was annoying you! LOL
    Mamma Biscuit

  2. You look brilliant in red Sadie!  Where’s the matching booties?

  3. Hi my sweet Sadie! You made me laugh with this awesome and informative coat review. You modeled it beautifully! And yet another reason why I love you is the fact that I prefer to go ‘a la natural’ too. I usually HATE clothing of any kind and sometimes become paralyzed too. Big Pixel Puppy Kisses to you my sweet Sadie! 

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