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I gots me a haircut

As a blogging Shih Tzu it’s super important to keep up appearances. Other girl doggehs look to me for style tips so I’ve got to remain tip top at all times.

I go for a haircut about every two months – although my person met someone at the hair salon who took her Shih Tzu for a trim every week.

The grooming salon is not my favourite place. I’d much rather be eating or chasing the ball. Which I’m sure is the same for lots of doggehs.

When my person walks me to the groomers I get close to her house and my tail goes down, my ears low and I get an overall feeling of ‘I’m not gonna like this.’

I’ve moved on though. The groomer had to muzzle me once because I was being a bad doggeh. Now I know I just have to grin and bear it.

So I know you’re anxious to see the results. Here’s my before and after.



For those of you without a scratch ‘n’ sniff screen: I smell good and I feel as soft as silk. I might be fluffy and cute with longer hair but I can run faster and my harness got tightened a couple of notches – always good news for a girl doggeh.

Nadine M. Rosin inspired tip: My person asked the groomer what made me smell so good. Apparently she was spraying me with cologne. Not anymore. Perfume is very toxic for us doggehs. Check what your groomer is using on you.

(Note: this tip was inspired by holistic dog consultant Nadine M. Rosin. For more details, please visit her website.)