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Grooming stuffs: OMG! I need a hair cut so bad

Remember how I live in a place that’s as cold as the North Pole?

And I’m a Shih Tzu. Which means my fur grows just like a person’s hair. I need to go to the dog dressers every couple of months for a trim.

Every time I get my fur cut it’s super short and I shiver so my person thought we should wait a bit before I get it done again.

This is the result.

And it’s not pretty. I warn you. These photos are not for the faint of heart.




I promise. I am in there behind the fur.


  1. I don’t know Sadie, I think you look absolutely chic with this overgrown hair! LOL  of course, I also think you look beautiful with short, perfectly trimmed hair too but we just finished Merecedes Benz Fashion Week here in NYC and this long, bed hair look was all the rage on the runway! Mamma needs to go to the groomers too but for her, it’s not about a haircut but rather a bath! Our girls is a bit stinky at the moment! Great photos by the way, the lighting is just gorgeous! xo

  2. Oh Sadie, I think you look super cute with all that fur. I also need to get a groom job but Mama wants to wait until it gets warm again. 

    Tell her to just trim the hair around your eyes so that they don’t end up irritating you. That’s what my mom does. She just takes scissors and snips the hair off, easy as pie,. Just make sure that you aren’t super hyper when she does it. Maybe she can do it after a bath when you’re annoyed or in shock (from getting the awful bath!), or when you are drowsy and sleepy! 

    • Thanks Gracie but my person isn’t coming anywhere near me with scissors. I hate being brushed and I will not let her cut my fur. I don’t do ‘relaxed.’ I try to be as difficult as possible :)

      • HAHAHA, I guess you need to go to the groomers ASAP soon. Can’t she allow your fur to be a little longer? Instead of getting you super shaved? It is too cold where you are… and since you HATE clothes … 

  3. This reminds me of when my little Peanut Pumpkin Pie starts growing out her wuzzles. She starts to look like a wild woolie bear. You are adorable!

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