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Grooming: Groomed to perfection & enjoying the Winnipeg sunshine

This morning I got groomed. I look super pretty.

This afternoon I am in the garden enjoying the Winnipeg sunshine.

There are some good smells too.

Now, some of you don’t like it when I get a haircut that’s all short like this. You like me fluffy.

When I’m fluffy I get a poopy bum (and I have a pretty cute bum so it has to look its best).

I also get goopy eyes when my fur is long on my face.

None of that is fun stuffs.

Right now I feel free.

Happy weekend!


  1. Yu look simply mahvelous Sadie gurl.  And I must agree wit chew, a stinky bum is not a gurls bestest asset. 

  2. There’s nothing worse than a poopie bum. You look lovely in your new haircut Sadie! 

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