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Goodbye long swishy tail, hello punk tail

I went to the groomers today.

My tail keeps getting in the way when I poop and I have to have lots of tail showers.

My person asked the groomer to cut my tail shorter today and it made her sad. I haven’t had my tail trimmed in a very long time so it was almost down to the ground.

I liked chasing it.

The groomer holds Sadie Shih Tzu on the table

Here I am with Debbie the Dog Dresser. Mrs Debbie is holding my long swishy tail. I don’t look very happy here, do I?

The groomer holds Sadie's tail - different angled shot

Here I am again with Debbie the Dog Dresser.

The groomer about to cut Sadie's tail shorter

Here’s Mrs Debbie about to cut my tail shorter.

Sadie's tail with half cut off

Mrs Debbie cuts half of my tail hair off.

Sadie's tail hair lies on the grooming table

Goodbye swishy tail hair.

Sadie with her new, shorter tail

Hello, crazy, punk tail.

Sadie Shih Tzu plays with her duck

Hello again punk tail. This duck toy tastes great!

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  1. Hey there we have had to remove tail feathers from our Zarzamora because of the carelessness of owners who do not provide a good pece of carpet to wipe on!

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