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Embarrassing stuffs: My furs are so long I can’t see & no-one can see me

Finally the snow has melted and I can run around on the grass chasing the ball.

But one thing remains.

My long furs.

It’s so long I can’t see. And no-one can see me.

I just got a bath. Here I am on the dining-room table.


I have super long whiskers – they’re all pokey and my person flicks them around thinking I can’t feel it but I can.

I look like a lumberjack with that beard! Day at the doggeh spa coming very soon.


  1. aw! i love how dogs look right before they get groomed – it’s just cute furry mess. adorable.


  2. You got yourself a Top Hat, but it’s not like the one done on poodles… Well, don’t worry. A day in the doggy spa will do the job.

    By the way, long haired or not, you’re still adorable.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. Oh, you totally need a grooming, Sadie. But I think you are still super cutes. I love your beards. I just feel bad that you are now blind… with all that fur. hehe 

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