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Desperately seeking a new hair do

I’m too ashamed to post a picture but right now I look like a dog’s dinner! Oh the irony pains me peoples.

I need a haircut so bad.

Remember way back when my person decided to give me a haircut? Well, that won’t be happening again. Instead she’s busily trying to pin down a groomer for moi.

Easier than it sounds.

She worked out that dogs are a bit like persons. They need to go to the hairdressers, like, every 8 weeks. Twouble is she only worked that out today.

In the meantime my fur has grown down to the ground [my person says, ‘That’s not true Sadie! Don’t be misleading your readers with inaccurate tales about me.”] Oh. Ok. Moving on…

My person has let my fur get out of control and I’ve got all these matted bits and it’s dead yucky.

One lady person can’t do it (she is mobile whatever that means) so there’s another person we pass on our walkies that we’re gonna try. Bit too late to call now but we’ll she if she can give me a new ‘do.’