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Da girls

Today I went to the hairdresser and I have a new ‘do.’ Actually I went to the dog dresser and Mrs Debbie cut my fur. I was very naughty and she had to muzzle me. Mrs Debbie says I am an alpha female. She also thinks I might have a bit of Terrier in me cos my fur is kind of coarse to touch and not silky like most Shih Tzu’s.

I have to admit, I look a bit like a Jack Russell with my new short coif.

Me with a new do and chi chi neckerchief

While I was busy biting the hairdresser my friend Sophie Shih Tzu chillaxed until I came home. I think she was surprised to see with me my new ‘do.’ Sophie went to the same hairdresser last week. Now we both have super cool neckerchiefs and are da girls.

Me and da Sophie