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Bath stuffs: Trying out Eco Pooch shampoo by Live Clean

My person got sent a box of four Eco Pooch shampoos by Live Clean – a Canadian company.

Like most doggehs I’m not a fan of bath time but for the sake of this blog post I reluctantly agreed to pose for humiliating photos while testing out one of the shampoos.

My person has used Live Clean’s stuffs for humans in the past so she was excited about stuff for pooches.

Dogs and persons need to be mindful of chemicals in every part of our lives. And my person tries not to contaminate me with too many toxin thingies so we were happy to try out these shampoos which are marketed as being hypoallergenic, vegan, eco-friendly and free of sodium lauryl sulphate, diethanolamine, parabens, phthalates and phosphates. Sounds good, huh?

We decided to test out the Eco Pooch Ultra Moist Hydrating Shampoo cos I have kind of coarse furs on my body and we thought this might make me a bit softer.

So I got into the bath tub – ok, was put in the bath tub – and prepared for my Eco Pooch shampoo experience.

One of the first things we noticed (and it’s a good thing) is that this shampoo doesn’t make a great big lather. That’s probably because it’s sulphate-free. My person tried to froth up the bath tub and make it all bubbly but this shampoo won’t do that.

You can see in the photo below that I’m largely froth-free. That might be off-putting to some persons who think that a big lather means cleaning power. It doesn’t.

The shampoo tasted really good though.

The most obvious thing about these Eco Pooch shampoos is the smell of them. It’s the same with the Live Clean person shampoo. They all have a very strong scent.

I did some research for this blog post and was interested in what this gentleman had to say about the Live Clean person shampoo. I’m sure the same argument applies to Eco Pooch. You should read his post but basically he says perfumes are the number one cause of irritation for a lot of persons – and, I’m sure, doggehs.

We have to remember that these products are created to be appealing to our persons cos they’re the ones doing the grocery shopping. So a nice smell will make a shampoo more attractive to a dog owner.

My person cares about the chemical stuffs and cleaning power. As you can see below I am now super clean. And I smell good.

Even though the shampoo bottle gave off a strong perfume, once I was rinsed clean and out of the bath tub, I was not a perfume bottle on four paws. The lingering scent is very subtle. Sadly this blog post is not scratch and sniff.

The shampoo also passed the flufftastic test (see below).

I will be using these shampoos again (I have four bottles to use up, after all!). But I do think the strong scent will be a turn-off to eco-friendly, vegan pet owners.

These types of product are never truly ‘safe.’ Perhaps castile soap is the safest bet because it’s entirely plant-based. My person says she’s going to check out castile soap at our local organic health store.


  1. Shampoo made one break out in hives and itchy with many hotspots…and the other two dull and awefull feeling as well as itchy. Tried to contact the company….left two messages asking for a call back…nothing. Will not support this company :-( and i work for a vet!

  2. you deleted my message– if you are not honest with people why should we believe anything you post ????   you are just as BAD as eco pooch-
    I will blog how you don’t protect our animals… bad human..  I think I heard Sadie say she is   ashamed.

    •  Hi Lorie – I didn’t delete any of your messages. I’m interested to hear about your experiences with this shampoo.

      • Hello again,I use the human brand and loved it- sadly my babies skin actually burned and rashed…. At first I thought maybe an allergic reaction  but the vet said the product fragrance was too strong and had a horrible affect on her skin.  antibiotics and a 100 dollars later she is fine but I was scared.   The ingredient label for the human shampoo and the pet are the same.  Except for the perfumes..  and they have lost me altogehter as a customer… I wish you and Sadie all the best.

        • Oh no! So sorry to hear about the bad reaction. I can see how that would happen with this shampoo because of the strong perfume. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think it’s always good to get both sides of the story when trying out new products.

  3. hello Sadie,
    I am happy this shampoo worked well for you.  My human bought me a bottle too. Thankfully they say it is biodegradable as we quickly threw it down the drain….  I would NEVER recommend this to my furry friends…. OUCH!  Hated it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But I love youuuuu Sadie!

  4. OMG Sadie looks too damn adorable in her bath tub!!! Any doggy gentleman caller would gladly drink her bathwater!!! Mamma Biscuit totes needs a bath ASAP—at least before Halloween! xoxo

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    • Hello Mrs Bree – thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I’ll take a look at Pet Bytes too. xx

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