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Walkies stuffs: I got a Buddy Belt

My person spent a hundred million dollars on a Buddy Belt for me yesterday. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that much but it did cost a lot of kibble.

It’s basically a harness made from leather by a Canadian company. I have always walked with a harness but my person wanted one of these for me. So we headed to our favourite Winnipeg doggeh store Hip Pooch.

My Buddy Belt

Mrs Roxane Pettipas who runs the Buddy Belt company says this on her website:

The Buddy Belt concept started in the summer of 1997, when Buddy, a miniature Dachshund came into my life. Buddy was just over a year old at the time and was soon to become the star of and inspiration for BUDDY BELT.

Each time Buddy went walking, he would gag and cough. This made me realize that he needed something other than a neck collar. The harnesses available were difficult to use and did not always protect the neck. I then made the first Buddy Belt prototype using a piece of tire rubber. I took the prototypes to two different leather-workers to create a more refined form. After working with a leather designer for a day, I learned how to create patterns and templates specifically for leather. Next, I invested in tools, equipment and materials needed to create my own harnesses.

*This is a totally genuine post. Neither Buddy Belt nor Hip Pooch had anything to do with me writing it.


  1. We love the belt! Did your mom take a picture of you wearing it?

    • My person says she still needs to do that because she doesn’t want me thinking I’m going for walkies when I’m not (for the sake of the photo).

  2. Looks really cute and as an owner of a dog that sometimes likes to pull me around, it’s a great idea to protect them! :)

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