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Superstar celebrity stuffs: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez visit animal shelter in my home town

UPDATE: Pics of their puppy have been published in a British tabloid. Cutetastic!

I’m not really into superstar celebrities (cute superstar doggehs on the other hand …).

But it was pretty exciting to hear what Miss Selena Gomez and Mr Justin Bieber did when they visited my home town of Winnipeg this past Friday (Miss Selena was playing a concert thingy and Mr Justin’s dad is from Winnipeg).

According to a lot of newspapers all over the world, they visited D’Arcy’s A.R.C (Animal Rescue Centre) in this little Canadian city I live in.

And Miss Selena adopted a puppy.

I hope she will be a responsible doggeh mama.

I’m sure her puppy will get lots of treats and love.

Read about their trip to Winnipeg.

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  1. My girls haven’t figured out how to leave comments with their name yet. They wanted me to tell you that they love Justin Bieber and they are happy Miss Selena adopted a puppy on their visit! Thanks for letting us know. 

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