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Summertime: Hanging at the cottage with a pink bandage

Yesterday I went on a little adventure.

My persons took me to Hillside Beach which is in Manitoba, Canada.

I didn’t get to go on the actual beach but I got to visit some peoples that I like (and who give me lots of belly rubs).

On the way to Hillside we had to stop in at the vet so I could get a blood test (just routine). The vet peoples put a pink bandage on my leg. My person said it made me look like I had ‘poodle-leg.’

After sniffing around at Hillside and eating my dinner, I chillaxed on the deck.

And I did some people watching.

And in case you were wondering what ‘poodle-leg’ is. I present:

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  1. I’m sorry you hurt your leg, but I must say that is the cutest pink bandage and it looks lovely on you! 

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