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Party stuffs: Mrs Heather’s 50th birthday

On Friday night I went to Mrs Heather’s 50th birthday party.

Here she is with me and some flowers her friends gave her.

There were four other doggehs there but I kept growling at them so they ran aways and my person couldn’t take photos of us. I was much more co-operative with the peoples.

Here I am with Miss Madeline. She is Mrs Heather’s small person daughter. I like her.

There were lots of persons at the party so I stayed pretty close to my person. I did find some Halloween candy on my travels around the house but I tried a mint and didn’t like it.

Mostly I tried to sit on my person’s lap or sit under the kitchen table waiting for foods to drop into my mouth.

That’s a great party as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. You are looking very lovely, Miss Sadie. I am glad you got to help Mrs. Heather celebrate her birthday. 

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